Chicken Gizzards

Best way to clean and prepare Chicken Gizzards

Apr 9, 2021 | Cooking Tips

Chicken gizzard isn’t a common thing to eat in some countries in the west. In the east though, chicken gizzard is a delicacy that is pretty typical to serve in restaurants, households and the streets.

Gizzard is essentially the stomach of the chicken. Since chickens don’t have teeth, the gizzard serves as the organ that breaks the food down in their system. This small organ is assisted by gravel and grit to grind the food that passes through it.

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Do I have to clean chicken gizzards?

Yes. Cleaning chicken gizzard is very important. Gizzards are part of the chicken’s digestive system, which means whatever that the grit, and gravel weren’t able to grind down, stay in the organ. This means that whatever stayed in the gizzard is neither digestible nor nutritious. Imagine eating the dirt that the animal you’re eating ate. It’s not such a pleasant thought.

How to clean chicken gizzards

Gizzards are normally sold clean at butcher shops. The only thing you may need to do before cooking them is to remove the silver skin or membrane around the gizzard. Not all gizzards will have that but if you see some, it’s best to remove or else the gizzard might get tough while cooking.

If however, you don’t get to buy gizzard that has been cleaned, it’s very easy to prepare so don’t worry. First, cut the gizzard lengthwise and was the residue away through running water. Trim the silver skin or membrane off. After that, you’re ready to cook!


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