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What Wine Goes With Alfredo: 5 Tasty Pairings

Sep 10, 2022 | Pairing Guides

Thinking of how to make your Alfredo pasta plate extra special? We’re constantly asking ourselves what wine goes with Alfredo. Thanks to a lot of tasting, research, and bowls of pasta, we were able to arrange a list of perfect wine pairings.

A lot of people think that Alfredo pasta is a classic Italian dish but it’s not. We’re not ashamed of it and you shouldn’t either.

An Italian-American who wanted to make something for his nauseous wife to make her feel better made Alfredo pasta in the United States. This pasta was then served at this man’s restaurant and it got very popular. This is a very easy, indulgent, and delicious recipe that literally, anyone can make.

Alfredo pasta is a simple mixture of cooked pasta with butter, and Parmesan cheese. There are different kinds of ingredients that could be added to it like chicken and mushrooms.

This special kind of pasta could be complete with the perfect glass of wine.

We’ve come up with a list of 5 delicious wine and Alfredo pasta pairings that you can use as a guide for future purposes.


1. Chardonnay

The medium-bodied Chardonnay with moderate acidity and alcohol is the best type of Chardonnay to pair with a creamy dish like Alfredo. It’s no secret that Chardonnay is the easiest kind of white wine to pair neutral food with. Chardonnay works best with creamy and rich dishes. It balances the flavors in your mouth, creating a pleasant experience with rich food.

Pinot Grigio

2. Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio is a dry white wine that is incredibly welcoming and versatile. It’s an easy wine to drink. It has notes of peach, lemon, pear, green apple, and grapefruit. Pinot Grigio is commonly paired with delicate food like white meat dishes, seafood, and creamy herby chicken. This makes it a perfect match with the humble Alfredo pasta.


3. Barbera

Barbera is a red wine that is medium-bodied with low tannins. You might be surprised why this red is on the list. Not all whites go with a cream sauce and not all reds are shunned from the creamy pasta list.

Barbera has notes of cherry, raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry and is high in acid, creating a pleasant balance between richness and wine. This is best when taken young so you don’t have to go out looking for aged Barbera to go with your Alfredo pasta.

terranoble pinot noir

4. New World Pinot Noir

New world Pinot Noir is another medium-bodied red with low tannins. These two features are very important when choosing a red for something subtle and creamy like Alfredo pasta because it doesn’t do anything to overpower the pasta dish but it creates a harmonizing balance.

This particular red is light and fruity and it cleans your palate well. It saves you from getting tired of this rich and creamy pasta too fast.

Alsace Riesling

5. Riesling

Sometimes all you need is a touch of sweetness and the right touch of acidity to balance a highly rich and creamy plate of pasta. Riesling is an aromatic white wine with a light body and high acidity.

It has notes of lime, green apple, beeswax, jasmine, and petroleum. Yes, we said petroleum. It works so well together with the rest of the notes!


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