30 Amazing Garlic Recipes

30 Amazing Garlic Recipes

Jul 29, 2021 | Recipe

We’ve put together a list of 30 amazing garlic recipes for you garlic lovers. Ever wonder what makes food good? It’s the presence of the small players that are cooked before adding the bigger players to the dish. Garlic is often that tiny player, creating a base of delicious flavor and aroma to the dish.

Garlic has a pleasing aroma most especially when cooked. It makes food taste so good with its flavor and depending on the manner in which it was cooked, the taste changes.

Garlic is a very special vegetable that is used in many kinds of cuisines. It’s so strong that in some cultures, it’s even part of the folklore that it can ward off evil spirits.

Everyone and anyone who loves this knows the magic of garlic it can always turn it into something tastier and greater.

Here’s a list of amazing recipes for garlic to show our love for it


1. The Garlickiest Fried Rice

Based on the title, we already know it’s a Bon Appetit recipe. This garlic fried rice ups the game of garlic rice and it’s even good to eat alone. What makes this so good is the method of making it. Garlic rice isn’t just any kind of rice but it needs to be treated with “amour” as well. Also, it’s not fried rice without a good amount of delicious oil.


2. Arroz Caldo

Arroz Caldo is a Filipino recipe that is basically rice porridge. This rice porridge is flavored with chicken, chicken broth, a lot of garlic and ginger. Arroz caldo is often enjoyed in the morning or on a rainy afternoon. It’s also a really delicious bowl of health if you’re feeling under the weather.


3. Roast Chicken Legs

The garlic in this recipe really brings out the flavor of the chicken and makes it even more interesting. Everybody loves chicken. How else should we make it flavorful other than garlic? This recipe seems delicious with mashed potatoes or potato wedges to complete the experience.


4. Roast Potatoes with Garlic and Parmesan

Nothing flavors potatoes better than garlic. The combination of Parmesan, herbs and garlic in this recipe creates a familiar and comforting dish. This is the kind of dish that we’re talking about, which would go great with garlicky roasted chicken legs.


5. Filipino Chicken Adobo

The most popular Filipino dish of all time is adobo. Adobo is made with a lot of garlic, vinegar, soy sauce, and bay leaves. This stew garlicky stew is perfect with hot white rice. Just imagine drizzling the adobo sauce over the rice. Vampires will surely steer clear of you if you’re near any kind of adobo dish.


6. Aioli

Aioli is the most popular garlic mayonnaise sauce that people use. It is eaten with paella as a condiment on the side. Are we kidding? No. It’s actually very delicious. Other than that, it’s often used to slather on bread for sandwiches, used as a dip for calamari or even onion rings. YUM.


7. Honey Garlic Chicken Breast

Garlic and honey taste great together. This recipe for honey garlic chicken breast brings out the best flavors of the chicken. To top that off, honey and garlic are both rich in antioxidants that help balance your immune system.


8. Creamy Garlic Pepper Dressing

This salad dressing recipe is great for salads and it could even be used as a dip. Creamy garlic dressings are common because they taste fantastic. This particular one is extra special because of the peppery notes. If you want to make it even more interesting, try blending different kinds of ground pepper into it. We’re thinking white, pink, and black!


9. Aglio e Olio

Algio e olio is a classic Italian recipe that is also known as garlic pasta. It’s a delicious pasta to have on its own or as a side. You might think that it’s quite flat to be an amazing pasta. However, aglio e olio recipes have the most hits online. How’s that for popular?


10. Rosemary and Garlic Beef Rib Roast

A beef rib roast isn’t complete without the garlic flavor. Do you agree? The garlic flavor penetrates through the beef ribs, creating a scrumptious flavor that lingers in our mouths. Just talking about this is making us drool and crave for beef rib roast. Imagine having this with creamy mashed potatoes or the best green salad you’ve ever had. It’s PERFECTION.


11. Herby Pasta with Garlic and Green Olives

Herbs and garlic always taste great together. This recipe has an addition of briny olives to make the dish taste even better. The marriage of these flavors creates a riveting experience in your mouth.


12. Slow Cooked Halibut with Garlic Cream and Fennel

This fish dish is extremely delicious. Its delicate flavors are complemented by garlic cream. Again with the garlic and cream, folks! We can’t stress enough that these two go so well together regardless if it is mixed with mayonnaise, actual cream, yogurt, or a bechamel.


13. Brussels Sprouts with Garlic and Pancetta

Brussels sprouts aren’t always a favorite vegetable but we love them. To make it even more appetizing, this recipe adds wonderful garlic with the savory pancetta.


14. Spaghetti with Fresh Breadcrumbs, Garlic, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Just like aglio e olio, this recipe is to die for. What sets it aside from most garlic pasta dishes is the presence of breadcrumbs for that extra crunch. We love a good variety in texture for any dish. Not only is it obviously delicious but it’s also perfect as a side or a main, depending on how hungry you are.


15. Garlic Cheddar Biscuits

Biscuits are often dubbed as the hero of southern meals. Flavored biscuits make them even better. This garlic and cheddar recipe for biscuits will up your biscuit game. It’s perfect with barbecue pork ribs or if you simply want to have biscuits and gravy. No one’s judging. However, make sure you make a lot of this because the minute it comes out of the oven, you might devour half of the batch.


16. Spanish Garlic Soup

Spanish garlic soup is also known as sopa de ajo. It’s a delicious garlic broth that is commonly eaten as a starter in Spain. Sopa de ajo is a classic Spanish soup dish that’s pretty simple to make. If you’re looking for a quick and easy soupy dish for a meal, this is the recipe for you.


17. Baked Pasta alla Norma

This is a very classic Italian dish, baked. Pasta alla norma is an eggplant pasta that makes use of a lot of garlic. Bon Appetit cleverly added the baking method to this recipe to make it even more exciting. Imagine bursts of tomato sauce for every eggplant slice that you bite into. YUM-MY.


18. Garlic Butter Scallops

This is a simple recipe of pan-seared scallops in butter, infused with garlic. It seems as though garlic butter dominates the seafood flavor. It’s such a good mix with any kind of seafood and it’s appetizing for sure.


19. Mapo Tofu

Mapo tofu is a Chinese restaurant favorite. It has a lot of spices in it but the most notable flavors are that of garlic, ginger and chili. Mapo tofu can be found in most Chinese restaurant menus. We’ve all become accustomed to the greatness of this simple dish. The silkier the tofu, the better. The more garlic, even better.


20. Sheet Pan Garlic Ranch Pork and Potatoes

This is a super simple recipe that promises the best flavors. This sheet pan pork recipe is flavored with garlic ranch and cooked until tender. Slicing through this is a breeze. It’s like butter with your spoon!


21. The Best Garlic Bread

There are a lot of recipes for garlic bread and this one is on top of it all. Garlic bread may seem simple but there’s so much more to it. Just like garlic rice, garlic bread deserves all the love and respect because it’s the perfect side dish to most dishes we knew growing up. It’s often eaten with pasta, soup, salads and meats. It’s like the Robin to any kind of superhero, not just Batman.


22. Gambas al Ajillo

Gambas al ajillo or garlic shrimp is a recipe from Spain. This is a delicious and popular tapas dish that is best enjoyed with sangria. Gambas is one of those tapas dishes that’s available in any Spanish restaurant worldwide. It’s a global favorite that needs to be present. It’s great with crusty bread because you end up wiping the garlic oil from the shrimp with the slices of bread, in true Spanish style.


24. Paella

Paella comes with a lot of flavors but the flavor that enhances the essence of the dish is garlic. This recipe for paella is closely developed after the famous paella Valenciana. Paella is a lot of things but one of the most important ingredients is garlic. It’s so important that another garlic condiment is eaten alongside paella, aioli!


24. Honey Garlic Tofu Noodles

Do we have vegetarians in the house? Yes? This recipe is for you. The delicate flavors of this dish will certainly make you keep this in your archives.


25. Ginger Shrimp Stir-Fry

This dish is definitely reminiscent of your favorite Chinese take-out. It’s very easy to make and the garlic in this will make you have seconds! Have this delicious dish with your favorite Chinese fried rice like yang chow or salted fish. It’s also a super delicious main dish to have with sweet and sour pork. The best part about this dish is the garlicky oil in the bottom of the dish that you can mix with the rest of your food.


26. Marinated Manchego

Whoever thought of marinating manchego cheese in garlic is a genius. Manchego cheese is a Spanish cheese staple. It’s nutty, salty, and hard. This cheese is often eaten as a tapas dish alongside other garlicky little plates. Marinated garlicky manchego is on top of our list for best cheese snack innovations.


27. Classic Cassoulet

Cassoulet might seem intimidating to make but we promise you that this recipe is easy to follow and you’ll be impressed with yourself after. Once we overcome hard recipes, it’s certainly rewarding.


28. Creamy Shrimp Risotto with Mascarpone

Garlic and shrimp go well together, it’s no secret. This risotto is a testimony of this and it is well balanced with a dollop of mascarpone. Creamy, gooey, a little gooey, and delicious – this dish is perfect for that balmy summer night.


29. Fried Oysters with Bacon, Garlic, and Sage.

Oysters aren’t just good fresh. If you fry them with different flavors such as garlic and bacon, you’ll definitely want to switch from freshly shucked to beautifully fried. There are many ways to cook oysters.

Of course, the fresh kinds are still heavenly but if you seriously want to shake things up, this oyster recipe is a winner and will continue to be a staple for you.


30. Braised Lamb with Rosemary and Garlic

Meats are often seasoned with garlic. Garlic brings out the best in meat and its flavors don’t get lost in the meat either. This divine recipe for lamb is perfect for that special Christmas dinner.



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