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29 Scary Halloween Recipes

Jul 29, 2021 | Recipe

We’ve put together a list of 29 scary Halloween recipes to enjoy during your Halloween parties. Halloween is the most awaited festival of the year. We get to prepare for lavish parties, dress up as characters we can only dress up as during October 31st and we can get to eat a lot of candy.

Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays of the year according to the United States. It is celebrated in many countries although it is most loved in the U.S. People prepare for this holiday way ahead of time because of all the festivities and festival wear.

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st and it originated from a pagan holiday called Samhain. This is a Gaelic festival that occurred every October 31st. This is supposedly the key time when seasons change and more prominently the time when the boundary of our world and the next is quite thin. This is where the haunted implications of Halloween enter.

As humans, we’re inclined to explore what is unknown and that is death. Death is a mystery to us: some fear it and some are so drawn to it. The holiday is then spiked with all of these celebrations and haunted theme-movies and festivals.

Halloween is not the only festival that is related to ghosts and death celebrated in the world. In Mexico, there’s El Día de los Muertos. In China, Ghost Festival is celebrated.


Why do we love Halloween so much, then? Other than the fact that we like exploring the unknown, we love celebrations, candy, themed parties, and haunted movies.

All ages enjoy this holiday from children, teenagers, to adults. Children get to eat their share of candy and go trick or treating. Teenagers and adults get to do this too but they mostly enjoy dressing up for the holiday and most Halloween-loving adults prepare for Halloween a year before the actual festival.

Finally, we love the thrill of haunted movies and stories. Fear shoots up the adrenaline in our bodies and we love it even if we say we’re scared.

We’ve come up with a list of fun and scary Halloween-related recipes that you can enjoy for your next Halloween celebration.

1. Paella Negra or Squid Ink Paella

There’s nothing spookier than preparing squid ink food during Halloween. It totally fits the festivities and adds that haunted and creepy effect to the holiday. However, other than the presentation of this food, it’s totally the opposite of spooky and creepy.

Paella Negra is a great dish to serve at adult Halloween parties because your guests will surely appreciate it more. The flavors are rich with seafood and the rice is perfectly cooked with that silky coating of squid ink. We’re already fantasizing about how great this dish tastes like.


2. Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Skulls

Looking at this already makes us feel spooked out. This is a great recipe to serve to your kids or even give away during trick or treat. The kids will surely love it and it is packed with delicious spices and flavors. The chicken in this recipe is cooked oh so tenderly. If you can go beyond the skull, you’ll be fine.


3. Garlic Baked Brie Spider

During Halloween, it’s all about presentation and decorations. No matter where or who you’re celebrating with, if you’re a Halloween fan, you surely keep the Halloween spirit alive. This is a very delicious spider because its legs are made out of bread and its entire body is made out of brie. Nothing tastes better than brie-flavored spiders.


4. Spider Taco Ring

If you’re throwing a party for your kids or your kid’s birthday happens to fall on Halloween Day, you get to a double celebration! This is a kid-friendly taco recipe presented as a spider. It’s packed with all the delicious child-friendly meat and sauces. The bread is nice and tender, making it perfect for children.


5. Snakewich with Venom Sauce

If you’re a sandwich fan, this would be the best snake you’ve ever had. This is actually a deli sandwich that is strategically plated to look like a snake. Regardless, the components of this sandwich make us want to eat up this entire snake and poison ourselves with its delicious venom sauce.


6. Mummy Hotdogs with Spider Web Sauce

This is more of a cute way to prepare hotdogs for Halloween. They’re not exactly scary but more in theme and fun. These hotdogs are wrapped with crescent dough sheets and made to look like mummies. The spider web sauce is a mixture of ketchup and mustard. All you need is your trusty toothpick to create a spider web out of the mustard and ketchup.


7. Vampire Soft Pretzel

Pretzels are very fun to work and play with. They taste incredibly great and they’re so much you can do with them. You can create many kinds of décor with it but this is our favorite and it’s very Halloween forward. Add a little bit of those gummy vampire teeth or shape the pretzel dough and add to the original pretzel shape.


8. Paranormal Pretzel Cookies

Cookies have never looked this cute and spooky altogether. This recipe for pretzel cookies has a chocolate chip base with added pretzel to it. You can easily decorate cookies however way you want to on any occasion and we absolutely love the ghost faces on these paranormal cookies.


9. Witch’s Brew Mocktail

Witches have always been associated with deep burgundy, violet, and green colors. They’re known to make potions and stews with toes and nails in them. This is a fun mocktail to serve your teenagers if you’re hosting a Halloween party in your house. This is made up of grape juice and Hawaiian punch, making it look like something witches could drink.


10. Bloody Red Wine Pasta with Bat Cheese

This already sounds like so much fun and is best for adult Halloween parties. The kids are partial to wine-tasting food so this is a delicious dish to prepare for you and your friends. You can easily cut your mozzarella cheese in the shape of a bat and garnish over your bloody red pasta. This is definitely a vampire’s meal.


11. Vampire Kiss Cupcakes

We love that this delicious cupcake is mostly dark in color. It makes use of a lot of black food gel to color the base, the frosting, and the glaze. The filling is made up of all the good things and more importantly, white chocolate is involved. This is definitely an enjoyable cupcake to serve to your Halloween guests or even give out for trick or treat.


12. Peanut Butter Zombie Eyeballs

These are so gross yet so much fun to make. The filling is made up of peanut butter and it is coated with white chocolate. It is later on decorated with bloody veins and pupils. If you want to creep out your guests, definitely make this recipe.


13. Monster Eye Cookies

These are tender and super delicious cookies made simply spooky by adding eyeballs in the middle. They’re cute, tasty, and fun. Make sure to make a large batch of these because you will run out fast, for sure!


14. Mini Mummy Cookie Pops

The mummy design is probably the easiest and most popular Halloween design of all time. All you have to do is secure many tissue paper rolls to create your costume and if you’re baking something, all you need is a good amount of white chocolate to decorate. These delicious cookie pops are decorated simply with white chocolate to make them look like spooky mummies.


15.Red Velvet Lava Skulls

These look totally creepy and it’ll probably haunt us later on tonight. Skull molds can easily be found on Amazon and you can make so much with them. You can make something savory and something sweet. This recipe for red velvet flavored skulls truly hits the Halloween spot because of the color and flavor. Sweet and scary!


16. Frankenstein Sushi

Now, this is a very innovative way to prepare sushi for Halloween. We love the effort that goes into making sushi rolls that will make you want to jump out the window because it looks truly spooky. These Frankenstein sushi rolls look very creepy but we can assure you that they taste delicious.


17. Caramel Apples

We associate caramel apples with Halloween because of the season that Halloween is celebrated on and it is deliciously sweet making it perfect for trick or treating. You can decorate caramel apples however way you want. You can make it look dainty or make it look scary with all the added candy.


18. Gummy Worm Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween is all about what scares you or grosses you out. One of the grossest things people love and hate are worms. This recipe for Halloween cupcakes is delicious and cutely topped with your favorite flavored gummy worms.


19. Brain Gelatin

This is hands down the most disgusting thing on our list but it’s also very much delicious. If you’re looking for that spectacular centerpiece for your Halloween party, this is the recipe for you. All you need is a brain mold that you can easily find online and it’s up to you how gross you want it to look. We can’t assure you that your guests will dig into it but hey, it’s a great edible centerpiece.


20. Monster Toast

Looking for delicious appetizers for your Halloween party? You can go healthy and green with this monster toast recipe. Again, Halloween is all about aesthetics and decoration. Complete the food you need to eat in a day by arranging them in your toast in such a way that would spook you out while eating it.


21. Monster Hot Chocolate

Not all hot chocolate was made equal. Some look enticing and some look gross. This recipe for hot chocolate is green and we love it. It’s perfect for the Halloween festivities and it tastes great too. It’s a lot creamy and it makes us feel nice and warm whilst still creeped out by its color.


22. Jack O’Lantern Rice Crispy Treats

It’s not Halloween without Jack O’Lantern décor. This is more of a cute instead of scary Halloween treat made out of rice crispies. These are very delicious and they’re also topped with some chocolate to complete the look.


23. Spooky Eyeball Tacos

These tacos are flavorful and delicious. You don’t have to get anything out of the ordinary to create a spooky-looking taco dish. You can simply use the ingredients that can commonly be found in a taco and it’ll look spooky. We’re not sure if that is a good thing or not…Regardless, it’s a great dish to serve to your Halloween guests.


24. Bloody Finger Hotdogs

This is another disgusting but perfect and delicious Halloween snack to serve. You simply have to carve out the hotdogs for them to look like deadly fingers in a bun. You can easily flavor it with other components like cheese, ketchup for extra blood, and even chili for that bloody mess. The kids will definitely love this snack and it’s perfect for show and tell just in case your children need it for school.


25. Zombie Guts Cinnamon Rolls

We said that the brain gelatin was the most disgusting Halloween recipe you can prepare for your party but we’ve found one even more striking and delicious. Zombie guts have never tasted this delicious. These are cinnamon rolls colored like guts and arranged in such a way that mimics real guts. It doesn’t look pretty and that’s the point!


26. Halloween Lasagna

We’ve been sharing a lot of sweet Halloween food compared to savory food. This is a great main to serve at Halloween parties because it’s lasagna! Everybody loves lasagna. It’s delicious and you can play around with its presentation. This Halloween lasagna looks like a ghost got slapped with it and got trapped in it.


27. Spooky Halloween Deviled Eggs

Other than healthy smoothie bowls and salads, green food never looked that appetizing. These deviled eggs are colored green for that extra spook factor. They’re perfect appetizers to pass around to your guests while waiting for the main course!


28. Zombie Brains Green Macaroni and Cheese

Again with the green food. Mac and cheese are one of our ultimate favorite dishes and just because it’s Halloween, it doesn’t mean we’re going to set it aside. This is a classic recipe for mac and cheese. Its color is green, not as appetizing but hey, it’s Halloween and you have no choice but to consume all the creepy-looking food.


29. Dracula’s Robber Steak

This recipe is rich in flavor and absolutely delicious. To make it look more creepy, you must plate it in such a way that it came from Dracula’s dungeon. Refer to the photo for a proper reference.



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