5 Great Substitutes For Mustard Seed

May 27, 2021 | Cooking Tips

Mustard seed is responsible for our prepared mustard. We love that flavor even if it’s the best supporting actress rather than the main star. However, what happens if you run out of mustard seed for cooking? Here’s a list of 5 substitutes for mustard seed that will surely bring out the zing you needed from it.

Mustard seed is a spice that is responsible for one of the most sought after table condiments in the west, mustard.

Mustard seeds are used in many cuisines from east to west but it is most famous in Indian cuisine wherein it is used in spice blends for a variety of dishes. Mustard seeds are often toasted to bring out the aroma and oils of the spice and then it is grounded and added into the food.

Mustard seeds are so important in today’s food world because it is used to accompany plenty of star dishes such as hotdogs, pretzels, meats, fish, eggs, and dressings. It’s never the star of the show but always the best supporting actress.

Given that mustard seed is an important part of our cooking, it’s a pain to run out of it when we need it the most.

Here’s a list of good mustard seed substitutes.

Prepared Mustard

1. Prepared Mustard

If you don’t have mustard seed and you’re after the mustard flavor, prepared mustard is a good alternative for the spice. It may have some added moisture to it given that it is in liquid form but it is packed with flavor and heat.

If you’re using the mustard seed for dressings and sauces, this is definitely the best alternative.


2. Horseradish

Horseradish is a root that comes from the same family as mustard. They’re very much similar is flavor so it makes it an easy substitute for mustard seed.

When using horseradish as an alternative, make sure to handle it with care because you may get your hands hot and it can get uncomfortable.

Horseradish is a good alternative for mustard seed for anything from marinating, making sauces and using as a condiment.


3. Wasabi

Wasabi is Asia’s version of the mustard. It comes from a leaf that is very hot in nature and it is typically eaten with raw fish or anything you fancy, actually. It is a widely sought after condiment and it is even being used now as a rub for meats and even as a condiment as you would use mustard on other food.

Caraway seeds as a substitute for mustard seed
Caraway Seeds

4. Caraway Seeds

Caraway seeds almost have the same flavor as mustard seed but it doesn’t produce the same hotness and zing that mustard seed has. If you’re looking more into the aroma and essence of mustard seed, this is a good alternative.

Remember to also toast the seeds to extract the oil and aroma out before using.


5. Turmeric

In terms of color and other characteristics, turmeric is a great substitute for mustard seed. It has the same spicy flavor and produces a slight bit of hotness but it’s a lot more delicate and mild. It’s a commonly used spice, which makes it easy to find anywhere. Turmeric could be used as a substitute for mustard seeds in marinades and sauces.


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