What Vegetables goes well with Lamb Chops

What Vegetables Goes Well With Lamb Chops

Aug 12, 2021 | Pairing Guides

There are a lot of vegetables that goes well with lamb chops. Lamb chops are very close to beef in flavor with a hint of grass and game to it. It goes well with a selection of sides that complement its special flavor.

Lamb is very famous because of one particular cut. This cut is called lamb chops. Lamb chops are from the rib area of the lamb.

Lamb is basically baby sheep so it’s a lot more tender and fatty. Lamb chops are incredibly flavorful and tender. We love a good lamb chop because it’s typically grilled or roasted to finish.

Lamb is grass-fed so this flavor profile shines through its meat. It is a little grassy and fatty. The overall flavor is similar to beef with hints of game.

In the UK, lamb chops are often grilled in high heat and cooked medium. They’re served with mint jelly and a delicious side. In other countries, lamb chops are served with mustard and even wasabi.

We’ve put together a list of vegetables that complement the flavor of lamb chops so you can plan ahead for your next lamb meal.


1. Potatoes

Potatoes are fun to work with and very versatile. With lamb, any form of prepared potatoes would go well with it. If you’re having lamb chops with mustard, it’s good to serve it with a German potato salad.

The zing and fresh chops of onion shine through the potatoes and into the lamb flavor. It balances the flavor of the lamb and it keeps flavors in check.

If you’re having lamb chops with mint, a nice side of roasted potatoes goes well with a medium-cooked rack of lamb.


2. Asparagus

Sometimes all you need is a mild-tasting simple vegetable like asparagus to complete a lamb chop meal. Asparagus can be cooked as simple as sauteing it in butter but for our pieces of lamb chops, we like serving it with cheesy and lemony baked asparagus.

The zing from the lemon balances the cheesy asparagus and it’s just an overall tasty side to go with this special meat.


3. Carrots

A mixture of steamed vegetables is usually a good and safe side to serve with lamb chops. In the mix of these vegetables is always a carrot.

The bright color of this vegetable not only beautifies a plate but also adds sweetness and earthiness to the dish. We like serving lamb chops with a pure carrot side dish glazed in honey and mustard.

The mustard flavor balances the flavor of the lamb and the carrot texture keeps the dish interesting.


4. Peas

For some reason, whenever we imagine a plate of two pieces of lamb chops, we see a bed of buttered green peas. It seems like green peas were made for lamb chops.

The texture it adds to the dish is a little starchy and the pea flavor harmonizes with the grassy flavor of the tender lamb.


5. Radish

We like serving fresh and dressed radish with lamb chops. We think that the slightly bitter and astringent taste goes so well with the buttery flavor of lamb chops.

It cuts through the richness of the meat. If you mix the fresh radish with some herbs like basil, it could take the radish side dish a long way.


6. Cauliflower

Cruciferous vegetables are great with lamb chops because the whole flavor just adapts to the flavor of the lamb. Cauliflower is a flower-looking vegetable that you can trim into florets.

Most cauliflower is steamed then buttered whenever it is paired with meat. For us, we like baking our cauliflower au gratin with lamb chops. It tastes great with the lamb flowers and it’s a nice added creaminess to the dish.


7. Broccoli

Broccoli is another cruciferous vegetable that is similar to cauliflower. It is its greener counterpart that is typically steamed and buttered when served with meat as well.

We like serving our broccoli roasted in a nice oriental mix of flavors like ginger and soy.

An oriental flavor isn’t typically paired with lamb chops but you’ll be surprised at how delicious this tastes altogether.


8. Spinach

Spinach is one conservative kind of vegetable when it comes to the culinary world. You can basically pair spinach with most kinds of protein.

Spinach can be blanched, sauteed, baked, and served fresh. For lamb chops, we like serving spinach cheesy and garlicky.

This type of soft veggie side dish compliments the flavor of the lamb and it’s an easy pairing.


9. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are full of umami. They are technically fungi rather than a vegetable but they typically make for an extra delicious side.

A mixture of sauteed wild mushrooms in olive oil makes a delicious side dish with lamb chops. The added umami goes well with a perfectly seasoned and grilled rack of lamb.


10. Arugula

Arugula is a bitter and nutty leafy green that is often mixed in with other kinds of lettuce.

It’s perfect to be in a mixed salad but alone and dressed, it makes a delicious side dish for something that tastes as strong as lamb chops.

The bitterness and nuttiness of this leafy green cuts through the richness of the lamb. It balances the flavors so well.

Dress your arugula with a lemon vinaigrette and top it with some slices of camembert to add a little bit of creaminess to the side dish.


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