What cheese goes best with lobster

What Cheese Goes Best With Lobster: 7 Tasty Combinations

May 26, 2022 | Pairing Guides

We’ve put together a list of cheeses that go well with lobster. Lobster is a luxurious piece of protein that you can’t find all over the world but when you do, it makes a perfect dish. Lobster is a crustacean and very much flavorful like shrimp and crab.

It tastes sweet and salty at the same time and you can prepare it in many different ways. We have options like cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, and more.

Lobster is considered a luscious and luxurious ingredient. Let’s delve deeper into why.

Lobsters would wash off the shores of New England before the 1800s and the colonists were disgusted by the sight of these cockroach-looking sea creatures invading their newly invaded part of the world.

They were mainly used as fish bait and fertilizers not only by the colonizer but the native Americans as well. Washed off lobster by the shore also meant that they easily had protein available, especially in times when it would be hard to hunt or slaughter livestock.

In the 1800s, the way we look at lobster totally changed because canning happened. Since lobster was such an abundant protein in the coastal areas of the United States, canned lobster was becoming a thing in the center of the United States that didn’t have access to fresh seafood.

Since this was relatively a cheaper protein, it became a household favorite. Tourists from the landlocked states would travel to the coast and buy themselves fresh lobster, better than the canned ones they would have. Suddenly, the demand for fresh lobster in New England rose and so did the price.

There are many ways to serve this luxurious, juicy, sweet and slightly salty piece of seafood.

We’ve come up with a list of cheese that goes best with lobster.


1. Cheddar

Just like with shrimp, cheddar goes very well with lobster. Lobsters and shrimp come from the same family of seafood. They’re crustaceans, which are commonly known as the bottom dwellers of the ocean.

Their meat is so tasty from their ocean diet. Cheddar and lobster are commonly mixed into the recipe of macaroni and cheese. One might say that lobster is such a luxurious protein so why would we create a home-cooked dish such as mac and cheese with lobster in it? You have to try to believe that this is a perfect pairing.

The lobster enhances the flavor of the mac and cheese and it makes something so simple, so elegant.

blue cheese

2. Blue Cheese

Blue cheese is a great cheese to have with crustaceans in general. It’s a strong cheese because of the delicious molds it forms. Blue cheese isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but for those who love it, it’s absolutely a keeper.

Blue cheese is great in lobster risotto or lobster pasta. It could also even serve as a nice cheese sauce over poached lobster. You could serve poached lobster with blue cheese sauce on top with some mashed potatoes or cauliflower florets.


3. Mozzarella

Since we’re in a very cheesy situation here, we’re throwing mozzarella cheese in the mix. Mozzarella cheese is a classic favorite cheese. It’s mild, slightly salty, and has great texture, especially when melted.

We like mixing up mozzarella cheese with other cheeses in lobster sandwiches. We mix it with cheddar, monterey jack, blue cheese, parmesan and others.

Mozzarella is best with lobster grilled cheese. It provides delicious flavor and great texture.


4. Parmesan

Parmesan cheese is a fan favorite. It’s originally an Italian cheese that works well with many kinds of dishes. Parmesan is commonly added to Italian dishes but you could also mix it in some sauces, sandwiches, and pizzas.

Parmesan cheese goes absolutely well with lobster most especially in Italian recipes that make use of this special protein. We love adding grated parmesan cheese into a lobster risotto to enhance the creaminess of the dish.

cream cheese

5. Cream Cheese

Cream cheese is a great cheese to use in sandwiches and to turn into sauces, dips, and the like.

We like pairing cream cheese and lobster when it comes to making a delicious lobster dip. It makes a great appetizer and is spread on crackers and other kinds of bread.

Cream cheese is creamy and tangy which balances the flavor of the lobster. Lobster can taste rich so the tang evens things out.

Monterey Jack

6. Monterey Jack

Monterey jack is an American cheese that is mild, tangy, and buttery in flavor. It’s best used in dishes like burgers and other sandwiches.

If you’re serving up a lobster grilled cheese or a lobster burger, monterey jack could be an excellent cheese to pair it with. It’s the choice of cheese for many Americans.

We’ve tried making a cheese sauce out of this special cheese and we’re happy to say that it turned out pretty amazing.


7. Raclette

Raclette is a Swiss stinky cheese that melts so well. It is sweet with a slightly nutty flavor, perfect to pair with something as rich as lobster.

Raclette is typically melted and placed on top of boiled marble potatoes, onion pickles, smoked salmon, salami, and the like. Sliced poached lobsters is just so fitting to part of that kind of luxurious meal with melted raclette over it.


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