The Best Burgers with Beer

The Best Burgers with Beer: 12 Tasty Combinations

Jan 5, 2022 | Pairing Guides

Have you ever had that magical experience of drinking beer with your juicy burger? The best beers have been paired with the best burgers and the marriage was great. We’ve created easily the best beer and burger combinations.

There’s nothing like savoring a good juicy burger and washing it down with a good brew of beer. It is one of those timeless moments that have been enjoyed by many for the longest time. Together, it seems like burgers and beers were made for each other.

This combination is usually eaten during barbecue gatherings, during sports events, at home with your family while watching a game, an easy combo when watching a movie – it is simply great.

In order to maximize the beer and burger experience, we’ve come up with a list of great beer and burger combinations. Next time you’re out at your favorite burger joint, you can choose the perfect kind of beer to go with your burger of choice.

Classic beef burger

1. Classic Beef Burger

Ah, the classic beef burger gracing our presence with its humble juiciness and moist, tender buns. This class beef burger is the benchmark for all burgers and it represents all the goodness of a burger that you can carry with one hand but mostly enjoyed eaten with two hands.

This delicious experience is great with beer. It’s enjoyed with most kinds of beers but to be more specific, it goes excellently well with American pilsner, American pale ale, or Indian pale ale.

BBQ chicken burger

2. BBQ Chicken Burger

Another classic burger would be the barbecue chicken burger option. Barbecue definitely makes a lot of food delicious and burgers aren’t shy of it. Chicken and barbecue together is a classic combination already so it’s even better with nice potato buns. This classic burger is great with amber ales, American browns, and dark lagers.

veggie burger

3. Veggie Burger

The veggie burger was created for our lovely vegetarians and vegan friends. It is usually made with black beans, soy protein, quinoa, mushrooms, or bulgur. The earthy flavors of most of these ingredients go well with beers like American wheat ale, saison, or Belgian-style white ale.

bacon cheeseburger

4. Bacon Cheeseburger

This is a favorite flavor that originated in the U.S. to make the already very American burger, even more American. This special burger is made with a grilled beef patty with slices of American cheese, and topped with plenty of crispy bacon.

It’s an indulgent burger that is so good that people now use this flavor for pizzas, chips, and dips! The best beer to go with bacon cheeseburger would be a brown ale, lager, or amber ale.

turkey burger

5. Turkey Burger

Turkey burger was made for a lighter burger experience but still with that packed amount of protein in the burger. Turkey burgers were popularized in the 90s when low-fat diets were the thing. Since then, turkey burgers have stayed in the game, keeping its head up.

Turkey burgers usually come with sliced tomato, lettuce, fresh red onion, and a layer of yogurt sauce. Feeling healthy yet? Pair this burger with a wheat beer, a Belgian-style ale, or a saison.

hickory barbecue burger

6. Hickory Barbecue Burger

This is a less common burger variety but it’s known in some parts of the U.S. as the Theta burger. This burger is slathered with grated cheese and hickory barbecue sauce. You’ll need a good beer that will balance the smoky flavor in your mouth. A good stout, IPA or amber ale.

california burger

7. California Burger

California is known for its use of super fresh produce and avocado is one of the most popular! A burger with avocado slices then is crowned with the name, California Burger.

A California burger has a perfectly grilled beef burger patty with fresh slices of tomato, lettuce, and a slice of jack. This semi mild-flavored burger goes well with summery beers like a Gose-style brew, a blonde ale, or a hoppy IPA.

fish burger

8. Fish Burger

Fish burgers were created for variety and for those who can’t really have meat. It’s a great burger variety and perfect if you want a lighter burger.

Fish burgers are typically breaded and deep-fried but there are some that are molded into patties and pan-seared. Whichever process the fish burger was cooked, the fish burger tastes incredibly well with Berliner Weiss, Mexican lager, or an American Pilsner.


9. Cheeseburger

The classic cheeseburger is the second option after the classic beef burger. It’s one of the most ordered burgers on the menu. Cheeseburgers were made for beer so any kind of beer would actually taste great with a cheeseburger.

However, if you want us to be a little bit more specific, for cheddar cheeseburgers, a Belgian Witbier, American wheat beers, American pale ales, and IPAs.

spicy burger

10. Spicy Burger

We love ourselves a nice kick of chili sometimes. Heck, sometimes burgers even have chili it in. There are some burgers that contain jalapeño peppers and they just shoot us up to the roof. In order to balance the spice in your mouth, try pairing a spicy burger with a lager.

Most Mexican beers are lagers because it balances the spice. Mexico, they’re really smart. Amber ale and other pale ales would go well with spicy burgers as well. Try to veer away from the sweeter beers because they may overpower the flavors in your mouth. You don’t want the burger and spice to get watered down completely.

Sweet burger

11. Sweet Burger

It’s rare that you would come across a sweet burger but they’re out there. Don’t say you won’t ever try one because they’re on the menu for a reason. The reason is that they’re delicious! Have you ever had a doughnut burger? Have you ever tried a pancake burger? Sweet burgers go very well with a brown ale, a porter, or a pilsner.

Goat cheese burger

12. Goat Cheese Burger

Not all cheeses were made equal. Goat cheese is a kind of cheese that isn’t typically used in burgers. It’s often cheddar, jacks, and even bleu cheese that is used. However, adding goat cheese to your burger elevates the beef burger experience with its elusive and supple flavors.

Adding lighter cheeses to your burger would taste great with more acidic and fruity beer like German-style pilsners, American-style pale ales, or Belgian-style golden ales.


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