What Wine Goes Best With Gumbo

What Wine Goes Best With Gumbo: 4 Tasty Combinations

May 25, 2022 | Pairing Guides

If you’re not a huge fan of beer and you’re having gumbo, you might think, what wine goes well with gumbo? Here are 4 tasty wine and gumbo combinations that will surely complete your meal.

Gumbo is one of the most popular dishes from Louisiana that is loved all over the country and the world.

Louisiana is responsible for a lot of delicious food that the world knows now. Its Creole roots bring such delicious dishes to the table. They are often robust in flavor but hearty and you’ll keep coming back for more.

Gumbo is usually eaten with beer but for those of us who aren’t too much into beer, we’ve curated a list of wines that go so well with Gumbo.

Chenin Blanc

1. Chenin Blanc

Chenin Blanc is a delicious dry white with hints of fruit like apple, pear, passion fruit and lime. It has medium acidity and it’s a versatile wine that can adapt to many different flavors.

The reason why Chenin Blanc goes so well with gumbo is that its natural and subtle sweetness compliments the flavor of the gumbo. Chenin Blanc is best eaten with seafood gumbo and it’s even more perfect with spicy seafood gumbo.

German Riesling

2. German Riesling

German Riesling is an off-dry white wine that when paired with spicy gumbo, enhances the flavors of the dish and tones things down in your mouth in a good way.

German Riesling is a highly aromatic wine with fruit like honeydew, apples, nectarine and pear. It is high in acidity making it a perfect match with the spice of the gumbo.


3. Grenache

Grenache is a well-known variety of grape loved by everyone. It is low in tannin and medium-bodied with higher alcohol content. It is light in color that is almost translucent.

If your gumbo is just a little bit spicy and it’s with a chicken base, Grenache makes a delicious pairing with it. Grenache brings out the herbal notes of gumbo and it makes a pleasant finish in your mouth.


4. Beaujolais

If you’re having chicken gumbo, it’s nice to have it with a low tanning red like a cru in Beaujolais. This special kind of wine is sought after and carefully taken with food.

The fact that it tastes amazing with the humble gumbo takes our culinary experience to another level. Beaujolais can have plenty of different notes depending on who makes it however, it’s the true quality of the Gamay grape that makes it excellent.


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