What Vegetables Goes Well With Quiche

What Vegetables Goes Well With Quiche: 10 Great Combinations

Nov 24, 2021 | Pairing Guides

Since quiche ingredients are mostly vegetarian, you can keep the entire tart vegetarian. We’ve come up with a list of vegetables that goes well in with quiche and in it. A quiche is often associated with quiche lorraine. Quiche Lorraine is supposedly French in origin and well, the French make it so well. However, quiche lorraine is not the only kind of quiche on the menu.

Quiche Lorraine is the most popular kind of quiche and we all know that it’s a very French dish. However, did you know that savory quiche actually originated in medieval Germany from the Kingdom of Lothringen? The original quiche made use of bread as the base with a savory custard composed of eggs, cream, and smoked bacon. The cheese was later added when the French started calling Lothringen, Lorraine. Et voila! Quiche Lorraine.

We can no longer see this quiche as French after knowing this. Since then, quiche has evolved to how we now know it. Instead of bread, the base is now a short-crust or puff pastry crust. Different kinds of cheeses are added depending on the recipe. Bacon is no longer the only primary filling but you can add other kinds of meat and for vegetarians, you can add a wide selection of vegetables.

We’ve put together a list of vegetables that go well in a quiche and with a quiche.


1. Spinach

One of the more popular vegetables to fill up your quiche with is spinach. Spinach is absolutely tasty and perfect for quiche. Since spinach goes so well in cheesy and creamy dips, it just makes sense to add it to a creamy and cheesy custard tart. Spinach quiche is usually a little bit more creamy than most because of the amount of cheese you add. The best part about spinach quiche is that you can get very creative with the kinds of cheeses that you add to it.


2. Mushrooms

Another very popular vegetable filling for quiche is mushrooms. Fresh mushrooms, when cooked, tend to release the best flavors with strong notes of umami. This perfumes the custard of the quiche and adds that 5th flavor that everyone absolutely loves. When the mushrooms are incorporated into the tart in chunks, people enjoy it even more because it feels luxurious.


3. Olives

Olives in quiche aren’t typical but we assure you that it’s absolutely delicious. The kind of olives we love putting in quiche are the black olives because they’re less bitter compared to kalamata and green olives. Black olives go so well in cheesy dishes like pizza because the briny flavor adds a zing to the dish. In quiche, black olives do the exact same thing. A creamy and cheesy custard could have a flat taste but when you bite into it and taste olives, it makes the experience more enjoyable.


4. Butternut Squash

Butternut squash is another uncommon vegetable to add to a quiche. However, it does add natural sweetness and texture to the quiche. Butternut squash or squash in general can get creamy and soft. When this is added to a quiche, the texture of the custard slightly changes but it changes for the better. It makes the quiche a little bit more fun and interesting because it’s different.


5. Zucchini

If you’re making a mixed vegetable quiche, chances are, zucchini is on the list of ingredients. Zucchini tastes delicious with cheese and it adds vibrant color to the pale custard. This vegetable is also striking in flavor so it stands out in the quiche.

Green Lettuce

6. Lettuce Greens

If you’re looking for a vegetable side dish to go alongside your slice of quiche or quiche tart, a mixed greens salad never disappoints. Lettuce greens are almost bland and what makes them great is that they can easily adapt to the main dish or the salad dressing. Lettuce greens are fresh and plump, perfect to pair with a quiche.


7. Tomato

Tomatoes are on the list not to eat as a whole or as slices with the quiche but as soup. Tomato gazpacho is a cold Spanish soup that is commonly eaten during the summertime. Gazpacho is very refreshing and it’s perfect with something as hearty as a quiche. The filling of the quiche is creamy and eggy and we want a sour flavor to balance the meal.


8. Potato

Potatoes always go well as a side for anything. When ordering a quiche, it is not uncommon to have it with potatoes crisps or potato fries. Potato fries cooked in bacon fat go very well with a quiche because of the added texture in the meal. The flavor of the bacon fat also compliments the bacon in the quiche, if it has any.

Bell Peppers

9. Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are naturally sweet and they taste even better when cooked. When bell peppers are cooked, the oils come out and there’s a sweet and slightly sour flavor that shines through the vegetables. Most people enjoy this aroma and taste and welcome it in a quiche. You can make a bell pepper quiche. It works with the creaminess of the custard and the cheesy flavor.


10. Onion

Have you ever heard of an onion quiche? If you haven’t, you must try it or you must make it. Onions are a low-key vegetable because they’re often added to the meal as the base flavor. Onion enhances most flavors and that’s what we love the most about it. An onion quiche is dedicated to the onion flavor, very much close to the flavor of French onion soup. Fried onion rings could also go very well with different flavored quiches because of their delicate flavor and crispy texture.


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