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Top 4 Substitutes for Andouille Sausage

May 24, 2022 | Cooking Tips

Andouille sausages are very important in Creole cuisine. However, that kind of andouille sausage isn’t the only kind. There’s a French version of that famous double-smoked sausage and although it tastes different, they’re equally delicious. We’ve put together a list of our top 4 substitutes for andouille sausage. We have alternatives like kielbasa, chorizo, German bratwurst, and more.

Andouille sausages aren’t always available in the grocery stores and deli but they’re used for various dishes in various cuisines- the most famous being, Creole cuisine.

It is said that andouille sausages were made by the French and it makes sense, given the name and all. However, andouille sausages are heavily consumed by Germans and Americans as well.

There are two very famous kinds of andouille sausages. The first andouille sausage is French in origin. It is made up of different cuts of pork from the meat, intestines, guts, tripe, and more. It smells pretty funky but don’t let that stop you from trying it. That version of andouille sausage tastes absolutely amazing.

The other version of andouille sausage is the one used in the United States and it is double smoked. The andouille sausage used in Creole cuisine makes use of different cuts of pork as well, perhaps not as bold, but it is pinkish in color and more peppery. The use of this sausage in Creole cuisine adds a lot more character in flavor to the dishes.

If you don’t have a regular stock of andouille sausages in your chiller, you could replace it with other kinds of sausages. We’ve come up with a list of substitutes that you could use to replace andouille sausages.


1. Kielbasa

Kielbasa is a type of smoked sausage that is Polish in origin. Kielbasa sausages aren’t just found in Poland but you could also find them in countries like the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia. Of course, just like any other kind of sausages, the best kinds are the ones that are homemade. The smokiness of kielbasa isn’t as distinct as that of andouille but it does the job when you need something easy, quick, and available. Kielbasa can be easily found in grocery stores and delis. There could be different kinds of kielbasa. You can find pork, beef, and lamb versions of it.

Spanish Chorizo

2. Spanish Chorizo

Spanish chorizo is sharp, peppery, a little tart, and whole. We absolutely love the flavor that chorizo brings to the table. The Spanish know how to make really good sausages and cold cuts. This kind of sausage is packed with smokiness and a lot of pepper. We like using it as a substitute for andouille sausage in Creole cuisine because it stands out and it gives the dishes a lot of character that you’ll keep on looking for.

German bratwurst

3. German Bratwurst

German bratwurst could be easily found in grocery stores and delis and it’s a fun sausage to have as a snack. Compared to Andouille sausages, German bratwurst is a lot finer so you can’t expect it to have the same mouthfeel that andouille has. German bratwurst is typically made out of pork but you can find beef and veal versions of it as well. This is the sausage often used to substitute andouille in jambalaya.

Tofu sausage

4. Tofu Sausage

If you’re vegan, there is an option! Tofu sausages are made with almost the same kinds of spices that andouille has. Tofu sausages that have the same flavor profile as andouille sausage could be challenging to find but it’s not impossible. Tofu sausages could be found in healthy grocery stores and vegan shops.


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