Tasty Apricot BBQ Sauce

Jul 29, 2021 | Sauces & Condiments

Gone are the days when you would use ketchup as a BBQ sauce base. We’re kidding. However, there are other ways to create equally delicious BBQ sauces and this tasty apricot BBQ sauce recipe has stood the test of time. It’s a great way to make use of fruits in season and it lasts long too.

BBQ sauces have been so popular since we could ever remember. There’s something about the sweet, savory, and tangy flavor profile that BBQ sauce has that we go crazy for.

Given that we love BBQ sauce so much, it’s no surprise that people have found a way to make different versions of BBQ sauce from tomato-based, other fruit bases, and even vegetable-based.

In this recipe, we’re going to focus on apricot BBQ sauce – a really great way to make use of your excess apricots for the season. It’s not only a way to make use of fruits in the season but it’s also mouthwatering.

Using sundried vs. fresh apricots

In places wherein apricots don’t grow, different forms of apricots sprout in grocery stores and delis.

If you’re a lucky one who lives in a place where fresh apricots can be found, you’re in luck because you can try making different versions of this recipe, depending on what is easily available to you at the moment.

In areas where apricots don’t grow, you’ll usually find dried and jammy apricots.

The use of fresh apricots in this recipe is perfect if you have a lot of apricots. There’s a subtler and more natural flavor to the BBQ sauce if you use fresh apricots.

Sundried apricots on the other hand are more concentrated in flavor because the drying ensures all the flavors are compact.

You’ll find your tasty apricot BBQ sauce a little more concentrated when using sundried apricots.

Tasty Apricot BBQ Sauce

Can I use apricot jam if I’m feeling lazy?

Most recipes of apricot BBQ sauce actually make use of apricot jam instead of fresh apricots. You can totally use the jam instead of pitting the fresh apricots that you can enjoy alone.

Apricot jams tend to be a little bit sweeter so you can dial down the sugar if you’re going to use apricot jam instead.

How long does this sauce last?

Like any other cooked food, apricot BBQ sauce can last up to 5 days in the chiller. If you’re going to freeze it, it can last in the freezer for up to 3 months.


  • Apricots

For this recipe, we will be using fresh apricots. Make sure the apricots are pitted before using.

  • Brown Sugar

Just like any other BBQ sauce, we’re making use of brown sugar. We love the raw sugar taste it brings to the sauce.

  • Molasses

Molasses adds another layer of sugar flavor and color without making the sauce too sweet.

The great balancing ingredient to this recipe is apple cider vinegar. We like using this instead of the other kinds of vinegar because it’s not too overpowering but it does the work.

  • Worcestershire Sauce

Worcestershire sauce is always a good idea to add to sauces. It’s subtle but it makes a huge difference.

  • Paprika, Cayenne

These spices add character to the sauce.

  • Mustard

Mustard adds that extra zing that BBQ sauce needs.

  • Garlic Powder

For a little bit more umami, we add garlic powder to the BBQ sauce.

Tips and Tricks

  • Pit the apricots

Remember to pit all of the apricots before processing. You don’t want your food processor to get damaged because of the stone fruit.

  • Simmer to your desired thickness.

A nice sauce isn’t nice without taking time to thicken it. Simmer the BBQ sauce for 10-12 minutes for you to reach a good consistency.

  • Store in an airtight container and chill immediately.

If you’re not going to serve the BBQ sauce right away, store it and chill it to avoid spoilage.

How to make apricot BBQ sauce

Using an immersion blender, add all of the ingredients to a pot and blend them all together.

Bring the mixture to a boil while stirring regularly. Bring to a light simmer for 10-12 minutes until you reach your desired thickness.

What to serve with Apricot BBQ sauce

Apricot BBQ sauce can be enjoyed just like regular BBQ sauce. You can add it to anything you would have BBQ sauce with like chicken, beef, pork, and even fish.

We like dipping fried chicken in apricot BBQ sauce because the extra fruity sweetness balances the crispy savory chicken.

Apricot BBQ Sauce

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Prep time


Cooking time






  • 4 cups 4 Apricots (pitted)

  • ¼ cup ¼ Brown Sugar

  • ¼ cup ¼ Molasses

  • ½ cup ½ Vinegar

  • 3 TBSP 3 Worcestershire Sauce

  • 1 TBSP 1 Smoked Paprika

  • 1 TBSP 1 Mustard

  • ¼ tsp ¼ Cayenne

  • 2 tsp 2 Garlic Powder

  • 2 tsp 2 Salt


  • Mix all of the ingredients in a pot and blend using an immersion blender.
  • Place pot under medium heat and mix well. Allow simmering for 10-12 minutes until you reach your desired consistency.
  • Serve or store in an airtight container.

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